This Guide is a tool for those who want to get detailed information about the content of European Union Programs with mutual opportunities between Europe and Turkey. This document has been prepared for university students, trainees, apprentices, young people, volunteers, trainers, youth workers.

For individuals who want to benefit from the European Opportunities programs, all the rules and conditions related to the programs are specified in this guide. All European Opportunities men- tioned in this mutual opportunities guide All rules and conditions are explained in the Program Guide prepared by the European Commission every year.

The EU-TR Mutual Opportunities Guide has been prepared within the scope of our project named “Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development” aims to inform youth workers and volunteers in youth centers and non-governmental organizations about opportunities. It is aimed that CSOs in the EU and Turkey contribute to mutual cooperation and increase the knowledge of young people about EU-TR Mutual Opportunities. The guide has been divided into the six colours for the sections. Each colours represent a section to understand topics easily. For easy access to the platforms and websites we created tap buttons for you. While you are reading you can easily get information through the links. Our EU Mutual Opportunities Guide; We hope that it will be helpful and guiding to our youth, vol-unteers, students and youth workers who will counsel them, and we wish you a pleasant reading… In order to decrease carbon emission and protect the nature, this guide has been prepared for digital use. Printing version of this guide will not be available.



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