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Enable Bridges with Sustainable Dialogue


Duration : 12 Months
Lead Applicant : Development Centre Association of Individuals with Disability and Their Families – EBAGEM (Turkey)
Programme : Supporting Civil Society Dialogue Between EU and Turkey Grant Scheme – CSD-VI.
Project Partner : Asociatia pentru Promovarea Egalitatii intre Tineri – ADAPTO (Romania)
Project Associates : Provincial Education Directorate in Mersin (Turkey) Yenişehir Districty Municipality (Mersin-Turkey)

Overall Objective

To contribute to improving the civil society dialogue between NGOs and public organizations in TR and in the EU about disability rights and underlining the importance of European level instruments and necessity of local actions within the involvement of varied sectors as mentioned in Chapter 19: Social Policy and Employment.

Specific Objectives

1. To develop and collaborate dialogue and partnership between EBAGEM and ADAPTO established in Erasmus+ Programme.

2. Developing the capacity of NGOs and public institutions to fully exploit rights for individuals and their families with disabilities in the EU acquis “Chapter 19: Social Policy and Employment”.

3. To establish new partnerships and dialogue between NGOs and public organizations in the disability field in Turkey and Romania.

4. To raise the awareness of Turkey’s accession of the EU and disability rights within EU acquis Chapter 19: Social Policy and Employment.

Main Activities

There are 4 milestones of 12 months action plan.

Dialogue & Networking:
-Two Fact Finding Conferences (1 in Mersin and 1 in Constanta) will be realized as the first step of the dialogue and networking process. Our primary goal to realize these conferences are providing open space to local org’s to learn more about current situation in their local level on the creation of social policies targeting People with Disability (PwD), identification of events / activities targeting the PwD and their families and realization of strategies regarding EU acquis chapter in the field of disability.
-Creation of “Network without Barriers”: A network consisting 20 organizations working in the field of disability in TR, 15 organizations working in the field of disability Romania will be invited to networking activities.
– Study Visit in Romania: to help NGO Managers to compare their local reality with European countries’ and increase their awareness on activities organized in the field of disability in European dimension.
This activity will also contain workshops on communication and structured dialogue to increase the institutional capacity of NGO Managers and staff.
– Structured Dialogue Meetings (Platform Meetings): 3 platform meetings will be held to increase the local initiatives and developing the structured dialogue capacities of active actors to fully exploit the rights of individuals with disabilities and their families. These meetings’ participants will be selected from Fact Finding Conferences held in both countries. At the end of these meetings, involved stakeholders will prepare the short and medium-term plans to sustain this platform and contribute the social policy actions in the following years.
Content Development of Training Module and Manual for Training of Trainers will be done to respond the methodological needs of trainers in their further works with PwD and their families about such topics: disability rights, active participation, and citizenship.
Capacity Building:
-International Training of Trainers in Mersin: 18 trainers / youth workers from NGO’s and public bodies in Turkey and Romania will attend to a Training for Trainers (ToT) program to develop their methodological capacities and train on the Disability rights, Non-Formal Education, Experiential Learning Methodology, active participation and participation.
– E-learning Process for ToT: learning process of these trainers will continue online learning platform which will provide open space for these trainers to turn their theoretical knowledge into practical by working in small groups with other trainers.
-Local Trainings and E-learning Process for 200 Youth Workers: 18 trainers who have received the ToT Program will implement local trainings for 200 YW in TR and RO in accessible conditions and their learning process will continue in e-learning process.
EU-TR Awareness & Dissemination:
-“European Cooperation in the Field of Disability” Seminar in Romania will be held during the Study Visit to share the good practices and to establish the network between stakeholders.
-The Training Manual will be promoted among 300 stakeholders who organize activities targeting PwDs and their families.
-Tested e-learning will be launched and open calls after project life-time to make this e-learning platform used by various active actors in the field of disability.
– Booklet on Social Policies and Structured Dialogue Essentials will be shared with stakeholders. Animation films will be created on disability rights and active participation.
-Bridge for Sustainable Dialogue Summit will be held in Mersin for the first time targeting specially the families of disabled people for the whole day within participation of 8 international disability network representatives.

Project Team

Project Director:


General Coordinator of EBAGEM :

Zeliha ELDEM

Romanian Project Coordinator :


Project Assistant :


Project Assistant :

Sebastian Alexandru TRAISTARU

Trainer :


Trainer :

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